Rest Synonyms

Rest Synonyms in Noun Form

  • peace, calm, tranquility, quiet, restfulness, surcease, serenity, quietude, placidity, stillness, composure, peacefulness, motionlessness, immobility.
  • recess, pause, intermission, break, breather, cessation, interlude, timeout.
  • relaxation, idleness, indolence, somnolence, lassitude, inactivity, recuperation, refreshment, revitalization, leisure, sleep, repose, retirement, nap, doze, lull, siesta, snooze.
  • remains, remainder, leftovers, residue, remnants, leavings, ends, balance, excess, surplus, extras, discards, scraps, oddments, odds and ends.

Rest Synonyms in Verb Form

  • depend, hinge, rely, turn, revolve, lean, result, follow, hang.
  • relax, sit, lie, idle, laze, doze, nap, sleep, be still, quiet down, retire.

Rest Synonym Links: relax, sit, lie, idle, doze, nap, sleep, retire,

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