Settle Synonyms

Settle Synonyms in Verb Form

  • calm, quiet, sedate, tranquilize, pacify, mollify, soothe, relax, lull, allay, mitigate, relieve.
  • come to rest, light, sit, alight, land, descend, perch.
  • decide, determine, judge, resolve, find, mediate, reconcile, arbitrate, rectify, rule, adjudicate, conclude, umpire, referee, decree.
  • establish, fix, live, reside, inhabit, colonize, populate, abide, lodge, roost, install, allocate, situate, root, anchor, locate.
  • pay, repay, satisfy, recompense, compensate, dispose of, square accounts, adjust, liquidate, clear, close, terminate, compromise.
  • put in order, straighten out, neaten, regulate, arrange, set to rights, stabilize, compose, assort, classify, order.
  • sink, subside, wane, ebb, drop, lower, abate, fall, dwindle.

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